My alter ego

My alter ego

Handsome chap aren’t I?

Anyway this blog isn’t about me or my plans for world domination. It’s about the things that the Head of a nefarious organisation, can’t blog about. Like Anna Karenina for example. Now there’s a good film. Stylish, elegant, and superbly acted. Definitely worth going to see. Definitely going to change the way films are made.
Although I can’t say it’s totally innovative.

The horse race is straight out of My Fair Lady’s Ascot Opening Race, as is the stylized waltz – where they are the only people in the world. The end is an homage to Oh What a Lovely War.  But… all in all, I liked it.

Whose performance was the best? And yes one did stand out. Jude Law. A totally understated performance as the wronged husband.

My only complaint? That Tom Stoppard didn’t have the courage to end the film  where I’ve always thought Tolstoy should have done. With Anna dying in child birth.