When Fiction becomes Stranger than Life….

It’s very bizarre! I  started writing “The Secret of Aldwych Strand” as a bit of light relief. It’s got away from me. What was intended to be little more than a tale of two Essex teenagers exploring London at the turn of the 20th Century has turned into an alternate universe tale – after they save the life of my Political Hero David Lloyd George.

The original intention was for Lucy and Mark to observe various events in the years leading up to the outbreak of World War 1. What I hadn’t bargained for was the way Lloyd George was determined to large up his part and become a major player  – rather than just the intended cameo. Suddenly there I am, adding a disclaimer that it’s all fiction because I’m in Sidney Street in 1910, with Winston Churchill – who is the Cameo!!!

And then I find they’re all up to it! I wanted the Underground and Southend Pier to be the “villain of the piece.” But typically The Rip/ Tear/ Fracture wanted a larger part in the tale and it wanted a military presence to guard it. Which is where the Italian came in. The moment he turned up, we’re in to 1912 – and all things are possible. Which is when it gets really bizarre because  there’s so many co-incidences turning up that this alternate world could so easily have happened.

Add to this and lurking in the background  a nefarious duo. I had decided they were going to be an un-named unseen adversary.  They had other ideas. Suddenly they had a first names – a house in London  –  a real vendetta against the London underground, the Chancellor and each other…

Where this tale will go – who knows….

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