Churchill and Redundancy…


Winston Churchill – was moved from his Job as Home Secretary to First Lord of the Admiralty at the end of 1911. A fact I have completely ignored when writing my other blog. He needed to remain at the Home Office  to move the story along.

I did wonder whether anyone out there  would notice my “error”. Apparently not.

This in itself isn’t worrying; his move to the Admiralty does not become significant until: the Dogger Bank sinking in 1915,  the tragedy at Gallipoli and the scandal surrounding the purchasing of shells.

What has worried me, is that the sum of our general knowledge about Churchill refers to his time as Prime Minister during World War Two.

I know we are a world obsessed by Celebrity and Success, and we are very cutting and damning when our heroes fall from their pedestal. However, I am mindful that in a time where so many people are losing their jobs, their homes, hopes, and aspirations; that maybe  – just maybe – the knowledge that someone as successful as Churchill could bugger up and lose everything, might just make us feel that we too stand a chance of bouncing back.

In 1916 – with the formation of the Coalition Government – the Conservatives made it a condition that Churchill be removed from any position of power. Those of us who have been made redundant will identify immensely with his statement that he was “finished”. Yet, whether it was an act of revenge by the Conservatives for Churchill’s betrayal, when he crossed the floor in 1904 to join the Liberals; or whether they felt he was too much of a public liability: who knows?

What is certain is that his isolation continued not for a few months, but nigh on twenty years. During this time he developed an almost Cassandra like quality.

Fortunately, unlike Cassandra, he was rehabilitated. And the rest – as they say – is “History.”

Perhaps there is hope for all of us and  – like Churchill – we too will have our finest hour.