The animals, here at  HQ have got wise to the machinations of us humans.  Normally, they all greet each other with kisses – cat kissing cat, cat kissing human, cat kissing dog. But this week it’s as if they’ve been handed an: “on pain of death ban” against friendly, emotional displays.

Part of me wonders if they’d heard that “Kiss” was the weekly photo challenge here on WordPress. Another train of thought raises the possibility that they’ve been ear-wigging  in on my preparations for the teaching of Robert Browning  to year 11, and decided that violence, conflict and strong emotions-  are better than the usual sentimental clap trap that is February 14th!

Whatever! Instead of cuddles and hugs – we have had spats and arguments; fur has been flying and claws have torn into furniture, flowers and flesh, with more regularity than normal. The only time we have serenity is when the fire is roaring. Then, they seem to have this carefully designed rota. It’s clever. Not only does it involve who sits where in front of the fire, but it bares remarkable resemblance to synchronised swimming as they roll over to warm yet another section of body, paws nose or tail. Typically there is no footage of such actions. And as I type, Rover Blofeld – Head of Spectre – is looking at me with that supercilious way only megalomaniac cats can. So I get the feeling I’ll never get any proof of this activity.

Ho Hum!

Still, it’s half term and a cake is in the oven!