Why I have RSI – probably…

My Magnus Opus – The Secret of Aldwych Strand – all 40,000 words of it… is sitting next to me on the sofa. It’s huge!  Well it’s 90 odd pages at 12 pt Times New Roman. That’s an awful lot of words. It’s more than my undergraduate dissertation; and at the time I thought that was huge! Yet besides this  tome, Oliver Cromwell’s Interregnum Government pales into insignificance!

I am a mixture of emotions; shock that I have written so much; pride that I have finished the first draft; humbleness that I have a loyal following that have accompanied me on this journey since December; and horror at the amount of editing I now have to do. Because  let’s be honest here, this tale’s  written itself so fast that I’ve not had a chance to read it through. I dread to think what typos, punctuation and general errors exist in each and every chapter.

But if I don’t edit, I can’t extol the importance of editing to my students, can I? It would be hypocritical.

What will I do with it once I’ve finished?

I don’t know… Maybe unlike Harper Lee, I have more that one book in me. Maybe – unlike Barbara Cartland – I should quit whilst I’m ahead.