Blackpool and the Nazis

(Photos from Google Search)

In 2009, it came to light that Hitler wanted to turn Blackpool into  a Nazi resort. Apparently as a part of a successful conclusion to Operation Sealion, Stormtroopers were to march victoriously down the Golden Mile after being parachuted onto Stanley Park – unmistakable from the air because of the layout of the Italian Gardens. Afterwards, it was to become the playground of the Nazi Elite.

Now call me stupid, but how on earth does that happen? I mean, it’s no Monte Carlo, or Provence; it’s not even Brighton! I suppose because it’s got a Tower you could compare it to Paris. But even that’s stretching a point, it’s almost like saying:”It’s got a pier, let’s call it Southend!” However, let’s  – for a second – put aside the oxymoron that is: Blackpool Elite  Nazi Playground! and consider the second problem with Hitler’s cunning plan: militarily it’s suicidal, the town made Wellington Bombers for crying out loud!

Maybe, Hitler wanted it as a private playground – it’s possible. After all, he did spend some time with his half brother and sister -in- law in Liverpool prior to the Great War (or so rumours have it). Maybe, the Fuhrer was having one huge laugh at History’s expense! I don’t know. But it’s given me an idea, and that is always dangerous.

Who knows if it will come to fruition? But one thing is certain: it’ll keep me out of trouble for a while…