Scarecrows of Mine

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These guys  have been intriguing me for the last couple of months. Everyday – to and from work – they’ve caught my eye. Either because they’ve been standing to attention, or because they have been running.

I know they are the latest in a long line of scarecrows – first recorded in  English literature in 1592, as creatures to”scare crows.” And I know they are one of those amazing things that have simultaneously evolved across this blue green planet of ours.

From Ancient Egypt,  to Japan in  712;  the scarecrow has captured our imagination either at the centre of horror stories,  within the pages of DC comics, the lyrics of  the Scarecrow  from The Piper at the Gates of Dawn  Pink Floyd’s debut album and – of course – Doctor Who .


As you can see… they’re not your ordinary family, are they?