Daily Prompt: The Green Eyed (Alistair) Monster

Meet Alistair Gordon Lethbridge Stewart – or, as he is more commonly known at HQ – Rat. He’s a real green eyed monster. Not because of the colour of his eyes; he’s a Bombay- his eyes are golden. No, Alistair is a green eyed  because he’s so jealous.

As you can see, from the bottom set of pictures… if there’s a chance of muscling in on a sleep over; there he is… muscling. If there’s a chance to steal the limelight; there he is… stealing.  If there’s the smallest possibility of making a noise; there he is shouting!

Would we humans be without him?


Would the rest of HQ miss him if the Brigadier wasn’t around?

Dunno…  The Chief and Z are ignoring him!!!

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