Weekend Theme – Doing it right

Sidey’s challenges  don’t half make your brain work. Well I suppose if they didn’t, it wouldn’t be a challenge. Anyway, I was stumped. None of my ideas worked and I was of the opinion I was going to have to give up. I don’t like giving up; I call it tenacious. The OH calls it, “pain in the….!”; My Mum calls it: “being cussed!”

However, all was not lost…

This week’s posting is the result of Rover taking pity on me last night. I was trying out our new camera; mine and OH’s joint birthday present from the ageing parents. It’s a Nikon 810, a bridge camera. More importantly … it’s red.

Anyway, cutting a long story short, Rover decided he didn’t want me taking shots of the garden – well not without him in them anyway – so he got in the way.  I tried ignoring him, but he wasn’t having it. Those of you who know “Chief” know he’s just not going give up when  he’s right. So I gave in.

The first shot definitely wasn’t doing it right… The middle two? Well they’re  getting there but still not perfect. The last one? well judge for yourself…

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