Weekend Theme: Characters for an epic tale

In the past few months, as the stress of the real world warred for dominance and control of  my brain – sparking creativity in a way I never dreamed possible – I realised that my (fleeting) childhood dream of being  a Necromancer has come true.

Let me explain… I have always loved History. It is a passion – a hexerei if you will-  that has possessed my soul since long before I could walk.

When I could walk, I had parents who, not guessing history’s hold saw it as a love and nurtured it carefully. Enabling me to indulge in its study  at a time when university was not the right of many, but the preserve of the few.

From the Tudor Navy to Nazi Germany (via the Portuguese and Spanish empires; the Civil War Battlefields and Instrument of Government; pre Napoleonic Europe and the dying days of Liberal England) I wandered as a succubus, hungry (like a starveling) for knowledge of: dates and people; culture and trivia.

Having no purpose to this quest

Except for the love of the quest itself!

Desperate to use this study, I went into teaching.  Not to teach children; oh good God NO (that joy came later) but to keep history in my world as long as possible.

But History is dead man’s shoes. And so, after 24 years, I moved (reluctantly) across to the poorer relation of the Humanities: English.

And try as you might; fight as hard as you dare… You may take the girl out of History – but you can’t take history out of the girl. It is a life blood; a passion; a need!

Thus enter the Necromancer’s spirits… conjured from a world no sane and stable historian would dare explore. It is too dangerous.

Lloyd George came first. The Dewi would, wouldn’t he? You can’t keep a wizard out of Necromancy…


Later, the nation’s talisman – Churchill – raring for adventure; sensing the possibilities

Posing the one, forbidden question: What if…

I had never been Prime Minister?

A simple incantation

Unleashing such a curse… jinxing the future

Tearing Time asunder… Rending this Holy of Holy’s in twain… Opening such a Pandora’s box of Zauberei

That it took my breath away…

Once in my brain, like all forbidden things, this seed took root and grew with preternatural speed; a glamorous beguiling, diablerie.

Desperate, I encouraged them to tell me their tale.



It has



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