Weekend Theme : Dance

When I saw Sidey’s challenge this weekend I thought: “Great! I can do this!” You see ‘dog Dog dances!

Not like the bird who dances to Gangham Style that a friend posted on my FB timeline in the week; ‘Dog  doesn’t have that kind of rhythm. Actually, he doesn’t have any kind of rhythm. He’s all jumping  and “fuffing of breath”. In fact come to think of it, ‘dog Dog is  more of an excited pogo dancer; as though in another life he were a punk rocker.

He can do it on demand too… All I have to do is phone mother and have a bit of a conversation. He might not suss it immediately (that it’s her on the other end of the communication thingy,) but suddenly he does, and before you know it: there we are –  him Pogo-ing around the room until he gets a Bonio, or a pig’s ear. He doesn’t mind which… He’s not fussed.

So: of course, I thought. Yeah! This is going to be easy! This is going to be a walk in the park.

Would he do it?

Would he heck!

He’s done sleeping and snoring and laying on my feet.  But dance? He would not!

Personally, I think he’s spent too long amongst the cats because he’s turned into a right Prima Donna!

Sorry guys: until I can catch him unaware, you will have to make do with the parrot.

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