A Lovely Morning

It’s dull and overcast outside.  There’s bugger all on the television. Not an auspicious start to the Easter Vac. I have loads to do – obviously. A few essays to mark; a couple of piles of books to mark as well; and a whole load of  books on Jack the Ripper to read, digest and inwardly ponder into a plot.

So what am I doing? All of the above? Any of the above? Nope, you’ve guessed it – None of the above!

I am reading through the blogs I follow – the blogs I have ignored during this very busy term. I am having a great time. There are a lot of good writers, whom I have neglected: Kate Shrewsday, Colonialist, Captain Limey to name but three; some amazing photographers Hamburg und Mee(h)r  & Don Charisma whose photography skills I envy; as well as the fabulous niche blog – Re reading Agatha Christie. Her review of the Actress is really thought provoking read on a lesser known Christie short.

There are other blogs I still have to visit and will do so over the next few weeks. I’ll keep you posted as to the finds I make. And you never know, with my batteries recharged I will be able to do that marking and the research I need to do before my publisher starts nagging again 🙂