A Journey around WordPress – wander two

As the second week of the holidays arrives, I find my journey taking a road down to some blogs I haven’t visited for a while. The first: readfulthings is a blog I always recommend to students and their parents for its reviews section – written by teens for teens. Well what (sometimes) do we adults know about books teenagers like? There are times when Ionia posts some interesting questions. She has posted one now. So: if you have some thoughts on what makes an excellent villain, pop over and get involved with the debate.

The other blog  for today’s wander  is Margot Kinberg’s blog: Confessions of a Mystery writer. I enjoy popping by and delving into her “brain”. She has a way with words and an encyclopaedic knowledge of crime fiction. And as I am dipping a toe into the waters of crime fiction,  this makes an excellent research source. Again, if you want to find out more about her writing, do drop in. Her latest post is really thought provoking.