A Dilemma


First let me explain, I have not been posting because I have been writing. I have in the last week written 10,500 words explaining what has happened to Lucy since the end of book two. And some of those words seem to be making sense. But this new spurt of activity has caused a problem. In Mark’s half of the tale Valentin tells him how he came to be working for the cabinet. In Lucy’s half of the tale, she witnesses that event first hand.  But as I come to put a very early complete draft of the two tales together, I find I have a problem. Which account to put first? Mark’s or Lucy’s?

I asked OH; he scratched his head.

I asked Facebook – well that was a mistake; the jury’s out there too. Although to be fair, they split almost fifty fifty – with one reader suggesting a third viewpoint account from a character who gets killed off in book two. Ho Hum!

I decided to do what all authors should do in such cases. I switched the computer off; I watched a bit of mind numbing television; slept on it … and reached a conclusion.

Lucy’s version comes second and needs a rewrite.

Happy New Year, guys…

see you later…