Aug 29


Pinterest – a discovery

I have an admission to make, I’ve fallen in love: with Pinterest.

It started simply enough, I found some pictures of outfits for some of my characters and I wanted to save them. OH suggested bookmarking the page. But sometimes when you do that, the page vanishes.

A friend of mine – an arts and crafty type – suggested Pinterest. I was skeptical. But I went and had a look; set up a couple of boards – for Emily’s clothes, Symington’s army days, pubs in the East End.  And I have to admit, it’s handy. I now have 10 boards, have stored (sorry pinned) 42 pictures. Each picture tells you where it’s from, and there’s enough space on the pin to add an aid memoir.

And the joy it’s all virtual – no more clogging up the hard-drive with miscellaneous pictures.

Ok, so that’s the easy part: now I’ve just got to write the book