Oct 31


In the steps of Oates

Well no not really. But I could be gone some time. I’ve reached that point where I need to revamp, renew, and resize the blogs. A task of epic and heroic proportions! And like Oates I feel like I am stepping out of my tent and into the potential trecherous unknown.

The plan over the next month is to bring all the blogs under the more than a cat banner and relaunch for Christmas. I have a feeling this could be terribly complicated and technical. There maybe much cursing and gnashing of teeth and watching of Youtube videos as i try to get my head around this conundrum. But it’s got to be done. I have not enjoyed my lack of blogging this year. It has (as we say in Essex) done my head in.

I’m hoping that this revamp will allow me to be a more focussed blogger; succinct and to the point. But currently I feel like the young Hercules on his first day on the job