Blogging 101 Boot Camp – Commenting

Those of you who know these things will be aware that I’ve not been doing a lot of blogging recently. Actually who am I kidding? I’ve been doing NO blogging recently. So I decided I needed to do something about that. To “sort it!” as they say in Essex.

So, I signed up for bootcamp 101 commenting. It meant I could focus on the reading of blogs and stopping by to do more than hit the like button.

It has worked. I am enjoying the tasks. It’s got me out and about,  revisiting old sites, reading new blogs, commenting on things – engaging in convesation with old and new bloggers alike. It has returned the spark and enjoyment to blogging. See, it has even got me posting on this blog.

Today – day 3 – I am going to ask questions of bloggers. Relevant questions to their posts. I am looking forward to that.

However, it has created a really interesting conundrum. You see, I thought I had signed up to this bootcamp as yours truely More Than. It seems not. Somewhere /somewhen… lost in the vaults of memory and clearly forgotten; I have another profile. One I’ve never used. One attached to the email I used to sign up to this camp. Oh great!!


  1. Do I let sleeping dogs lie?
  2. Do I go in to said profile, delete said profile, move said profile’s email over to this one?
  3. Do I keep t’other profile; and move the blog over to that profile?

I am tending to think I need to have a thunk – as long as said thunk doesn’t become a procrastinate, I should be ok to hold off on an immediate decision between 2 & 3. Then I am going to have to talk to those fabulous chaps at WordPress.

Ho! Hum!!