Monthly Archives: July 2016

July 26

50 before 50- numbers 44 & 50

No I’ve never been to gig. Shocking I know. Don’t know why. Never got round to it. But when The Pet Shop Boys announced their residency at the Royal Opera House earlier in the year – I realised I could rectify this omission and remove two from my list in one fell swoop. So we […]

July 25

Emily: A Metamorphosis

I have been having a look at this blog in the last few days, making a few changes here – tweaking there; preparing for the summmer when I can blog and post to my heart’s content. Doing so, I came across an old post – It’s all in the clothes. This post contained my initial […]

July 24

50 before 50 – the rules

Simples… I have to post proof that the challenges left to do have been completed. I have to blog the memory of the challenges already completed…

July 23

50 Things to do before I’m 50.

I hit the big 50 in 11 months and a few days. Time I felt to look at the things I have done, and decide what needs to be achieved before that milestone arrives.I did the usual research – ie I googled other people’s lists and then came up with my own. Aware that some […]