Jul 25

Emily: A Metamorphosis

I have been having a look at this blog in the last few days, making a few changes here – tweaking there; preparing for the summmer when I can blog and post to my heart’s content.

Doing so, I came across an old post – It’s all in the clothes. This post contained my initial musing about the relationship between Emily and Symington. And boy have things changed!!!! BIG TIME.

A Cowardice of Crows, the first of the Symington Byrd mysteries, is now with the publisher;  and I can safely say the Emily and Symington I blogged about in 2014, are not the people you will meet in this book.

For a start – the timeframe for the books has changed. The first book takes place in the dying days of the Victorian Era. Emily is far more mysterious woman, who  has no need to work for the earl, as her early incarnation did.Symington is still a playboy; still a member of the Prince of Wales crowd. But it is he is far more moral and honorable than initial thoughts would allow. He too has a past, and secrets that haunt him throughout the series.
What they are, I will not say. You shall have to meet them yourselves now on Amazon: viewBook.at/COC