Monthly Archives: March 2017

March 26

Weekly photo challenge: Green

Meet our van. She’s a bit of a workhorse. For more takes on the challenge click here  

The Taking Part

Some days it’s not the selling of books that counts, but the turning  up and people seeing the covers and asking questions. Well that’s what I have to tell myself. The Facebook page got more views. Someone asked me if I was on kindle, and took a card. I think I shall claim that as […]

March 25


The hardest bit about being an author is not writing the books or getting them published.  It is getting them out to a wider audience. Hence, I am at Leigh Community Centre today doing a bit of shameless publicity… 

50 before 50: #14

I first came to this man through the film Ghandi. Amazing politician.  Need to learn more about him when life allows 

Dear world

I’m sorry there’s no one here to take your call at the moment. No your call is not important to me. I am merely having some me time.during this I will be doing my proper job: not the extra rubbish, that causes me stress Lots of love, hugs and kisses

March 02

Dear Brain 

Again I would like to thank you for your help with the rewrites. I agree the new opening is so much better and far more dramatic.  However, do you REALLY need to suggest such things at 1 in the morning?