Apr 22

This week – a round up

We went back to school this week after the Easter break, and I developed  a lurge so nasty and full of phlegm that it had me returning to my duvet. Teachers reading this will marvel at such things and – in hallowed tones – declare it to be: “A sign of the times.” You see this isn’t the way of the teaching world. Normally the sentence reads: “Broke up today; went down with cold.”

But it’s a topsy turvy world in which we live. Snap elections called this week seem to have sent the political world into a spin and the newspapers into a frenzy of delight, as they’ve been able to rehash the iconic the lady’s not for turning headline. Proving to their satisfaction that May is no Thatcher. D’h! Do you really think so?

In the absence of anyone of sense using LLoyd George’s comment about “living in a time of political pygmies”,  I preferred the BBC’s take on the whole thing as they focussed on Twitter’s response to the election press conference: “Larry the Cat’s NOT Dead” and “MAY: I’m 4 Toddlers in A Trench Coat.” For a few minutes I marvelled at the ways of our global world before turning insular.  If you want to read the BBC article click here.

You see, in my small microcosm of the world Twitter chirped a different kind of turmoil as compadre @hutchinsondave won a much deserved  award for his phenomenal book Europe in Winter, and @cjlongchris had a birthday. Mind you, there was political controversy as said birthday boy advised me to vote womble, which I’m not sure will be possible. Not with stronger post brexit immigration – well Madam Cholet and Uncle Bulgaria will definitely need visas won’t they? Still…

My facebook went into meltdown (well there was conversation) as a result of a massive clear out of “things” (and not of the Dr Seuss variety). I found a photograph from  my early days of teaching. In them my students and I were of a similiar age. One had hair and a jawline (his words). In one action shot: I was young, carefree, and teaching sword fighting. And no, I didn’t have to do a risk assessment!! Ooh  I know back in the day we lived hard, played dangerous and knew not of the word “paperwork”. It reminded me that tempus always fugits, and that there are reasons why my knees creak in protest these days.


I also discovered a collection of Doctor Who Missing Adventures and early  BBC imprints. Intrigued and curious, I took to the internet. OMFG – one of them is on sale on a well-known auction site for £100! Another is over £50, and so on. I am sitting on a fortune!! Consumed by greed, I delved further. A well-known internet book buying service offered me £7 for the first £2.50 for the 2 and about 30p each for the rest. I declined their very generous offer, put the books in a box, and took them to the storage. Just in case my knees declare they want compensation, or it turns out there are giants in politics and they sue me for defamation…