50 before 50: Build a dream home. 

When I started the 50 before 50 challenge, this was one I thought would refer to our beautiful home in Southend, which we had been steadily renovating.  Time has revealed other plans for OH and myself, as we completed on the sale of said home on Friday and now begin the next chapter.  Currently We are living, out of a suitcase or three, in an hotel.

A move surely at odds with this challenge? Well no. 

Not really.

Let me explain.

In October last year – with a commute to work that had gone silly, thanks to increased house building en route – we made the decision to up sticks and move closer to school. 

Trouble is Uttlesford is out of our price range. Chelmsford likewise, unless we wanted a tic-tac box. While as for Cambridgeshire: forget it!! There isn’t a telephone number long enough.

We needed to think outside the traditional square box.

Our plan has been radical. My mother despairs. You see we are going to have a boat built. A 65ft  by 10ft wide broadbeam.

Mother outlaw, who would live in her touring caravan  all year round if she could, is beyond excited.

So are we. 

As of Friday we are mortgage free. I have to pinch myself every time I say it.  It’s so unbelievable. The thing every Brit dreams of: owning their own castle – outright.   The contract for the boat is in the post and the steel for her hull laid by.  

Not quite the “build a dream home” I’d originally envisioned on compiling this list. 

But an infinitely more interesting one…