Saying Goodbye

To three camping stalwarts today: our Elsan toilet, the camping fridge, and the old brown coolbox.  All have done stirling service. None owe us anything. While two of them –  for certain – cost us nothing, coming free as they  did with Shara the van.

Shara went to the big campsite in the sky 5 years ago, replaced  by tent and Zane the van. Shara was at least 20 years old before we got her. So both toilet and fridge were of that age and probably served with Nelson before joining us in civilian life. Coolbox’s ownership is shrouded in mystery. We decided it just materialised in our kitchen one day; liked it and stayed.

Yet it has been a wrench and our flexible friend took some hammering as we replaced Elsan with Thetford and fridge AND coolbox  with an Ecocool.

Let us hope they serve as well as their predecessors. Only time will tell…