Symington Byrd 2… an update

Byrd’s latest mystery is proving a bit of a bugger. (Excuse my French). The corpses are piling up nicely. The murderer has motive and opportunity. Everybody who was at Hamblebee Hall (court, house – I’ll make my mind up by the end of the book) on the night of the murder is lying, and their reasons for doing so are clear. 

So what’s the problem? 

I’m currently herding cats. Cats in the shape of red herrings. The  plot keeps going off at tangents, like it has a mind of its own. Actually, it’s like the hydra. Everytime I ruthlessly cut down one red herring, another grows in its place.

It is soul destroying. 

Still, today I have 7 chapters that make sense. So we have progress. 

Let’s hope tomorrow is as equally productive. I’d like to get this to the publisher by the end of the long vac. 

Yeah I know. Hope is vain…