Holiday: 5

Today is going to be expensive. Zane, the van, is on for its first major service, and I am in a rainy Chelmsford until 5. I feel there will be much coffee consumed between now and then.

I am also shopping for OH’s birthday present, which is tomorrow. I haven’t found him anything yet. But I have had my nails done. However, it’s not yet midday, so there is no rush.

I had hoped to make today my first attempt at 30k of steps. Given the rain, it might not happen.

We’re off to the V&A to the Pink Floyd exhibition tomorrow. OH roadied for them in a former life. I feel much nodding and looking interested will be required.

We also move out of the Travelodge tomorrow. Had the best laid plans panned out we would have been moving on to the boat. But we are not; nor are we likely to be aboard by the end of the six weeks. Fortunately we are not homeless. We are house sitting for the outlaws. They spend the summer in a caravan. Someone has to.

Still every cloud has a silver lining. After one last splurge of restaurant eating tomorrow, we will be in a position to cook. Once I’ve decluttered the kitchen…