Holiday: 8 – 14

I should have known posting every day would be too much to keep up, especially with a week of moving items out of two stores in Southend into the new store in Cambs, ready for the day (week, month, year) the boat is ready.  We hired a crafter van – from a well known rather perky US hire company – and did the job in two trips. Like the TARDIS, the crafter was bigger on the inside and seemed to swallow all we gave it. And before you know it, job jobbed. Troubled is OH and I forgot we are the otherside of 40 and that acting like gazelles would have consequences. Still I like the version of Groove Amada’s I see you baby,  I came up with:

I see you oldie, Creaking your bones,  hobbling around, shouting your ahhs. (Not sure it’ll be a big hit though).

I did try to post during that time, but fell foul of the beta version of the WordPress app, which really hasn’t liked loading multiple photographs. So to write this, I’ve gone back to the computer.  Therefore,  I’m afraid you didn’t get my observations on ComicCon – which my step daughter treated her father and I to, as part of his birthday present. Suffice it to say, whilst Hannah and I knew what to expect; Steve, although he’s done a couple of small Who events, was completely out of his depth at the scale and magnitude of the thing. Still, he enjoys people watching, and mouching, which kept him out of trouble, whilst Hannah and I spent mythical millions.

There have been a couple of other wins – apart from the move and ComicCon.  I have been having a lot of plot problems with Widowhood of Spiders and it’s been holding the writing up. They’ve mainly revolved around who relates the discovery of the second body and why there is so much blood consdering how the man died. Eventually … well after a short walk and the obligatory 2.30 in the morning google… I solved both problems. After getting my nails cut down later this morning, I shall be typing away. Ten, I shall be able to get on with the writing and hopefully meet my self imposed deadline… Only time will tell.