Holiday: 15

The beer festival at the 3 Daws pub in Gravesend on Saturday was good. Both for the range and quality of the beers on offer and for the quality of the company.  It is always good to spend time with friends and catch up. The weather was reasonable. It did rain: splendidly. But fortunately it stopped at hailstones and big lumps of rain, and did not become the deluge we experienced in London at the start of the long vacation. We (OH and I) stuck to halves – arguing that you get to try more beers that way.  It also makes you feel like you’re making more of a day of it, than you really are. We also ate at the pub, in an upstairs room with a very interesting and stage like rake. I can recommend the food, there are a lot of GF choices, and will single the cheese board out for a mention in this dispatch. Good quality cheeses, excellent choice and all very tasty.

Yesterday was quiet. OH and I – still getting used to life in a house not a hotel – spent the day drying duvets, following  a small disaster in the van, involving an inverter and one of those environmentally friendly screen wash bags, which clearly aren’t designed to withstand being crushed against said inverter 🙂 We also cooked roast beef. It was delicious. There is certainly something amazing about eating at home.

Today, I am waiting for a parcel, so I’m sort of house bound – at least until just after mid day. Said parel is a mirror for the boat, and we will be taking it with us when we fly out to see progress next week. It is a flash thing, magnifying and illuminated. I live in this vain hope that its presence will allow me to go back to my youth and start using eyeliner again. Something I am currently unable to do, due to increasing blind as a bat syndrome.

Whilst waiting for said mirror, I am using the day wisely. I am writing.  Ok currently not the book. But hey this is writing isn’t it?  I have also decided I am jealous of fellow writers who seem to be able to update their blogs and websites on a near weekly basis. Either they are better managers of time than I, or they have better discipline.