Holiday: 16

I spent yesterday writing and doing the washing.  Both successfully, though as is always the case with laundry, it seems to multiply overnight. I wonder if it does it deliberately?

Strangely the overcast sky was condusive to both activities. I didn’t want to venture out, in case it rained; and I kept a more vigilant eye on the sheets jumpers out on the line, just incase the heavens opened and ruined my efforts. Consequently, I took natural breaks in the writing process and also had washing that wasn’t over dried and crispy from too much outdoors drying. to my surprise, I met myself imposed target easily, and today can start work on part two of the new book.

Yesterday’s third simple pleasure came from the anticipation of dinner. Living in hotels is all very well, but I love this house sitting for the Outlaws, lark. It’s allowed us to cook. Sunday was the traditional roast – no Yorkies though. Despite living in Rainham and having a huge set of supermarkets, I’ve had no luck with the gluten free flour hunt. There’s obviously been a run on the GF flour stocks. Still I’m off for an adventure into Romford today, so  here’s hoping. We’re having Lasagne this evening, so I’d better be successful if I want a decent cheese sauce!!

Anyways, back to last night’s dinner. If Sunday is Roast, then Monday is Cold meat and chips. And after three months without, you have no idea just how amazing this simple meal really is. Chips bought from the chippy around the corner, made this a real fast food meal, and now the fodmap app says I can have two large pickled onions, I was in food heaven. Judging by the expression on OH’s face, he was enjoying said meal as much as I.


Finally, before I go, some of  you may recall, early on this holiday, I set myself a challenge to reach 30k of steps. I did it at the first attempt and even though it nearly killed me, I’m going to see if I can go for 35k. Given it took over 2 years to get from 25k to 30k,  don’t hold your breath there, guys…