Holiday: 21 & 22

Windows decided to update earlier in the week. I now cannot access the internet from my computer. Livid is not the word for my reaction to this.

Widowhood of Spiders is on the cloud. I can get to that from other devices but I prefer to type on the Pc. Less chance of erroneous full stops, which occur when typing on phone. I can also type faster. Thanks Mum for insisting I learnt touch typing.

No it is not this which causes incandescent rage. It is the fact I had no choice on the update and as a consequences I am discommodeded. Cheers Microsoft. I needed to get on line. Step daughter had her handbag stolen. I needed to cancel things. Not that this worries a big multinational. Individual inconvenience is … irrelevant. Rant over.

In happier news, we fly out to see boat today. I am beyond excited. My home is starting to take shape. I may even be living aboard by the end of September. Our flight is at 8. The alarm will go off in 40 minutes. The taxi is at 5. The airport is 15 minutes away. OHs check in paranoia is high. Still being that early does mean breakfast. Posh hotel in Trebic tonight. Expect pictures.