Holiday: 22 b

There is something quite amazing about an aeroplane. The way it can turn seemingly clever people into unthinking mass of cats in need of herding.

Last time we were held up by weather. Stairrods of rain to be precise. It led to a 90 minute delay and a woman who had no idea she couldn’t smoke by the engine.

Today the delay was shorter and caused by ambling and inability to understand the word Queue. Our check in lady had a fine line in sarcasm, which OH and I appreciated and thanked her for. On board, late dawdlers with no sense of urgency (well they’re on holiday) gave us time to watch people try and stuff their bags in the oxygen locker, and wondering why they will not go. It was also interesting to see the same passenger, who failed 101 queuing trying to use the no speaky di English card as a reason to keep his bag with him in the emergency aisle seat. Needless to say our lovely flight attendant was having none of it.

OH is currently asleep as we are only 40 mins in to a two hour flight. So here’s the obligatory clouds from the window shot before I join him in the land of sleep on a plane. Not that I know why I bother. I’ll have a crick in the neck when I wake, and a sense of having been awake the whole time.

In the end I didn’t fall asleep. I was enjoying the luxury of a near cloudless sky. Scenery watching can be almost as much fun as people watching… especially at 35,000 feet up.