Holiday 28 & 29

There is a lot to commend Wales. It is a brilliant full of amazing scenery and friendly people. It recharges my batteries and allows me to write. The book is coming a pace; so much so that I am back at handwriting stage.

It also has one huge failing. It’s internet provision is woeful. At the mum and dad’s the internet is like a cat going out, and in, and out again. It disappears with such frequency that there are times I think I dream it’s existence. I have tweeted bt about it. They replied and an intermittent conversation took place. Eventually they suggested I talk to someone online about it. Please… someone … Tell me the girl was being ironic. Please.

Today we are in Wrexham. Mum’s car is in for its MOT. OH and I are exploring. I’ve been coming to this town – on and off – for forty years. I thought I knew every book and cranny. Seems not. Down one side road we spotted this. It’s not far from an old brewery site. I always wondered why they were here when there was no obvious water supply. Now I know.