Aug 23


Holiday: 30

I am at the end of my tether with this internet lark. It is now Wednesday and the service is so intermittent as to be non existent.

I have so many query boxes on the current writings that I feel I’m writing a learned academic piece not a work of crime fiction.

Today’s adventure saw us travel to Rhug. It’s a farm shop/restaurant some 10 miles from the parents. Lovely, popular place, with walks around the farm, and an historic chapel to wander around if you are so inclined. We went for lunch. It is just far enough to provide a change of scenery, and the parking is good. A lot of gluten free options on the menu: always a bonus, Dad had a GF ham sandwich, whilst I went with the mozzarella and tomato salad.

After lunch, we mouched around the shop, picked up some lovely meat, and some Welsh black beer – which made OH happy as he loves Welsh beer.

Then we sat out in a rare moment of sunshine, watching the world go by.

On our return, we found boat photos in our in box. Spray foam complete, it’s looking good…

Tomorrow we go to Porthmadog, visiting my Twitter pal @Llechi