Holiday: 32

Yesterday proved to be a day of laughs as OH and I caught up with old friends, explored the maritime museum in Porthmadog, and had a decent lunch in one of our favourite cafes. It was also a chance for Lankey to meet Llechi in the cloth.

After seeing them off on the steam train, OH and I did our customary pilgrimage to Llanistwmdwy. Lloyd George’s grave remains one of the most peaceful places on earth. This year’s picture is my favourite shot taken so far

A quick stop in Bangor for a Chinese. Said Chinese served quality food when I was at Uni. It is still superb.

OH held my hand as I lamented the loss of the cinema, where Aled Jones and his mates waited – either in front or behind me and my mates – to see the latest release. I wonder whatever happened to him?! Then we were off down the A5.

Stopping overnight in a layby, this was the view from Zane the van’s window.

This morning saw us stop for brekkie and a mouch in Betws. There was low cloud which made the morning cool, and forced OH to reach for a jumper. From there a dive across country to the A55.

We are now in Chester – knife hunting.

Mum’s knives have reached the end of their life. She bought them in 1900 and God knows when. They have done well, but they now tear rather than cut. We have replaced them with the same brand we have at home: Robert Welch. They have a lovely feel to them; well balanced, nice weight, and – more importantly for Mum – a 25 year guarantee. Of course new knives means bining the old. I wonder whether you have to dispose of kitchen knives at the police station? I feel a googling moment coming on, followed by a trip under cover of darkness to drop off our stash!!!