Holiday: 34

Today sees us travelling back from Wales to my Outlaws. OH is currently driving, so I have time to surf some blogs and put thumb to keypad.

We left cats in bad mood (they’d been de-flead), Dad as well as can be expected, and Mum itching to get back in the kitchen – no doubt to try out her knives.

It is quite a sunny day and so far we have seen queues but not been part of one.

Sadly, it seems I spoke too soon. Currently we have the car version of the hoki koki. Coming out of the queues caused by lack of etiquette on slip lanes, I had chance to capture a piece of iconic Birmingham architecture.

Quite proud of the result considering it was a point and click shot.

Couple of interesting stops in blog land while we wait to traverse through Brum. Colonialist did an interesting couple of pieces on horticulture and the march of so called progress; whilst another couple of blogs one by Margot and the other by Brad focussed on crime fiction novels where the past comes back to haunt one of the characters. I shall try linking to them, but as I’m mobile that might not work. If they don’t, let me know and I’ll try the technology again.