Holiday: 35 (blue plaques 29,30 & 31)

OH and I had a wander by tube to Ealing Broadway. After a spot of lunch we headed off to our first blue plaque of the day at Ealing Studios. Pokemon says Ealing Studios is famous for the Monty Python films. Pokemon knows nothing. Home to the greatest British comedies, more like. So I grant Monty Python has its place. But it is but

a small piece of celluloid history to be made here. We’d come along to pay our respects to this man:

And having done so, commented that as kids this building seemed so much more imposing.

From there we walked to The Common via this touching memorial to some brave men

to visit one of England’s pioneer lawn tennis ladies. Difficult to find at first, we realised the pin was in the wrong bit of the map.

Then off to our final destination.

Apologies for the shot. RICHARD Tittmuss’ former home has the decorators in