Holiday: 38-41

It has been a busy last few days, meeting up with friends and Step Daughter in London (at the Sherlock Holmes); then into Southend to visit old haunts. We are now back where the term ended and the holiday began: the Travelodge at Bishops Stortford.

All in all, I think this is the best summer holiday I have had for a long time. From the Pink Floyd Exhibition at the start of the 6 weeks, to a flying visit to Wales – via the Czech Republic – it has been the first real holiday I feel I’ve had (if that makes sense?).

Work progresses on the boat. We are spray foamed and on Friday spoke to Ivo about tiles in the galley and flooring in the wheelhouse. Delivery still holds firm for the end of September/ beginning of October. We expect to see more photographs next week, so I shall continue to post those.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this self set blogging challenge of mine, and whilst I haven’t managed to post every day, the nag in the back of my mind was enough to keep me focussed on the need to be regular – as the saying goes.

 School starts tomorrow; we have two days of training before the kids come back. Your guess is as good as mine what the new year holds, but it’ll be in-ter-esting, I have no doubt.