Boat Update

Things progress at a steady rate of knots. It doesn’t seem a month ago that we were out in Trebic looking at the shell – finally boat shaped – of the Lethbridge Stewart; or that about a fortnight later we had the photos of the sprayfoamed interior. Today, these arrived from the boat builders. I am terribly excited, even though photos usually arrive with a request for more money. Still this is our home and it’s looking more…home like.

As you can see, first fix is done and we are going to have a very light and airy boat if the number of cables is anything to go by. We are now on the interior fit, the log burner’s in place,  and it looks like there are radiators and the beginnings of a bathroom. I look forward to pictures of the outside painted and the rooms having fixtures and fittings rather than a strange chair and a builder in situ. Mind you they do give a sense of perspective.

The blue thing, I am reliably informed is the water filtration unit. Well it’s a filtration unit and it’s blue and in my mind blue is for water. No doubt OH will correct me if I’m wrong. One of the batteries is also now in situ. Big thing, isn’t it? All in all, this is pleasing progress, for as much as I love the Travelodge, it’s not home…

I think I shall celebrate this development with a small libation, an episode or two of Mash – and I might get some writing done. I know: steady the buffs.