Dec 28

2017 – the year I almost blogged

It’s been a busy year, life wise. Blog wise, it’s been appalling. I had such high hopes in January. A post a week on a wide range of topics. It never happened.

I could blame moving house. The upheaval, the living in a hotel, the final tense moments waiting for the boat to arrive. I could blame work: it’s been busy.  I could even blame the book I’m currently writing. But I’d be lying.  This year has just been full of CBB and CBA*.

In the words of school reports of old – usually about PE. “Must try harder.”

I’m off now to hunt for a blogging challenge to keep me focussed, because I have the awful feeling if I don’t, next year’s report may not be as kind

*can’t be bothered, can’t be arsed