Jan 01


Stroke of Midnight 1/1

This isn’t written at the stroke of midnight. It is written before. At the stroke of midnight, as 2017 becomes 2018, I shall be on The Lethbridge Stewart with OH, either seeing the New Year in, or in the land of nod.

I’m trying to get organised, with the 365 challenge. My own take on it, as the list of titles has been around for a long time on WP. If I like the concept behind the title and the prompt, I will do the prompt. If I don’t, I shall take the title and go my own merry way with it. Some I’ll do ahead of time and schedule for the correct day. Others will be fly by the seat of the pant affairs. I don’t know if I’ll make the challenge. But I’m up for doing a post a day for 365 days. You see, I don’t want this blog of mine to die and 2017 proved such a poop – writing wise – it very nearly has…

Here’s the link to the writing prompts challenge. Let’s see how I do, eh?