Jan 02


Resolved 2/1

Have I ever made a resolution and kept it? Not really. I read those made by friends and I admire their strength of character. If I resolved to swear less, I’d swear more; lose weight, I’d gain it. It’s the kind of girl I am. I won’t lie to you.

But thinking about it, I have had dreams: ambitions if you will, which have come true in the fullness of time.

Do they count? Probably not.

But in the spirit of the challenge I’ve set myself this year,  to write more, here they are…. (drum roll)

In no particular order:

To write a book; something I wanted to do ever since I worked out you lived more lives by reading. As regular passers by know, I smashed this in 2013, and my 5th book is now sitting at 60k of words.

My second dream was to be mortgage free by 50. OH and I achieved this in May with 3 months to spare. Having just pooled all our savings into dream 3 I can’t retire but hey! That wasn’t part of the deal.

And my third? To live on a boat. An old friend reminded me, via FaceTube, that was my dream back the late 90’s. Id forgotten. Well you do. But once mentioned it all flooded back. Work and personal life were in a bad place when I first came up with the idea. A good friend of mine and work colleague died in the cinema, there were rounds of redundancies at work. Not something you expected then in teaching. The stress levels were abominable. It seemed the most radical and  peaceful solution. When work and life improved, the dream got shelved, until this time last year when we took.the plunge. Now we have boat and have just spent our first New Year aboard.

As you can see, not resolutions; not really. But they’re my dreams and I kept true to them.

Good luck to those of you who make proper resolutions. I envy you your stamina.