Kick It 3/1

I don’t have a bucket list so I can’t tell you what’s 11th on it. Last year, I had a 50 before 50. 11th on that list was visit a forgotten relative. I did that when I went to Bavay with OH. We went to visit my Great Uncle John who died on the 8th of November 1918 and is buried in the communal cemetary. A volunteer – and member of the brewery TA – Great Uncle did his time, was wounded and invalided out in 1916. He promptly rejoined – causing no end of difficulties when trying to trace him as he had two army numbers and a letter from the War Office confirming the return of his medals. A bit of an issue when the family were in posession of said medals.

Although technically not forgotten – my father is named after him, and the family refer fondly to their Uncle Jack, whom they never met – I was the first member of Fowler clan to visit his grave.


This year I’m starting a 60 before 60. I’ll be picking up some of the ones I didn’t do last year and carrying them on. On that list is a return visit.