Call Me Ishmael 5/1

The prompt for today’s piece of writing is to take the opening line of your favourite book and use it as a starting point for your own story.

This is hard.

I don’t have a favourite book… I don’t have a text I go back to and read. Though I do have books I read more than once. Some because I teach them; some because I like reading them. I don’t have a favourite.

Is that wrong? Should I be envious? Am I less of a person/writer as a result?

I have books I cannot stand. Books that were ruined because my teachers made them so “boring”. Their opening lines don’t stand out. I have no desire to return to them. They are – sad to say – dead to me.

I have friends doing the 52 book challenge. I’d love to read a book a week. I barely get time in a working week to sit and write. Or stand and stare. I read faster than I listen. So i couldn’t even commit to an audio book challenge of that magnitude. And besides…Do audio books count as reading?

I set up to read 12 books a year on goodreads. Rarely though do I record them is that where I make the rookie error? The lack of discipline in this regard?

I put a request out on Facetube for history book recommendations. I was looking for 19th early 20th century Dutch/ British social history Nothing came back. The same when I tweeted.

Is it because no one reads me?

No one reads full stop?

A conundrum indeed.

So… call me Ishmael. Not the response I expected from my writing today. More of a rant, than a creative piece. But another piece of writing completed.

At 3.30 in the morning.

So I did find time to write….

I have found time to think.