1984 9/1

According to the prompt with this title, this post is supposed to be  about being trapped with your biggest fear. That’s a bit of problem, see. I don’t really have a biggest fear. One of my political heroes is FD Roosevelt and once he’s told you the only thing you have “to fear is fear itself”, then fear’s had a bit of a bashing.

That said, I’m not overly keen on spiders, and I used to have nightmares with Daleks in them, but nothing else…

except … ok you’ve forced it out of me… having my photograph taken.

And for that I blame Sapphire and Steel. The idea that evil can get you and kill you in a photograph, because a photograph isn’t just you and your selfie stick it’s everyone to the side and behind you, ad infinitum. That’s beyond creepy. It’s real horror. Then add to that the concept there’s a big bad who can trap you in a picture – take you out of time and kill you and forget it!

That’s it! I’m sorry.

Scarred for life, well a good 30 or so years.


And I don’t think I’m alone. When I was looking for images to accompany this article, I discovered one blogger who credits Sapphire and Steel with having a huge influence on NuWho writers. They’re correct. Gelth, Clockwork Droids, Heavenly Host, Gangers, Spoonheads and WhisperMen, tip the nod to PJ Hammond’s faceless man. If you don’t believe me, follow this link.


Even in my own humble writing, I pay homage to the man who scared me witless, as anyone who’s read 1949 Affair can attest. Not sure why?  Have a listen…