Take 2 12/1

Two photos: this the first. Outside tonight with HDR on, this is the view of the world outside our front door. I like the way the rushes look as though they’ve been zapped by Daleks. To the right is the tree at the end of our garden plot. I’m going to play with this picture later, see what Photoshop’s filters can do to enhance this atmospheric snap.


This is Chief’s domain. He’s explored it in daylight and had a quick shuffty around the reeds.

Those of you who know the spectre set up may expect a photograph of Rover. But Chief 1  (18 and proud) went OTRB two years ago in March , paving the way, with Dog’s departure a year ago last December, for our move to this domain. It also saw the promotion of Agent Z to the honorous task of keeping Agents A, B,  C and K in line.

Given that Kleo saw herself as Rover’s heir there was a coup. C&K chose to stay in Wales with the Lady Abbey. A girl’s Paradiso Cymru. Leaving Chief to deal with the A- B of cat life.

He’s taken to it like a cat to … water.