Home… Soil… Rain 18/1

Short one on this free association task. I shall simply refer to today

Woken up by winds of 70 miles an hour. Zorro slept through it. Bomber slept through it until the temperature dropped. I had to put coal on the fire; warming the place up until he fell asleep. Alistair fared worse. He needed a cuddle before he fell asleep.

We set off early for work. Crossing the bridge from one side to the other was fun. Needed to hold on to both sides. In the car park, massive wheelie bins lay dead on their sides. A gas canister bereft of ownership, rolled on the grass. Lonely and forlorn.

The road to work was quiet. A few fallen trees, but nothing dramatic. People for once drove sensibly. No doubt chastend the news of lorries jacknifed on motorways.

Even the kids were the subdued. Usually the wind sends them as high as kites. Perhaps the wind blew it from them. I don’t know. It was a quiet day.