Through the Window 29/1

I’m breaking the rules with this one. It said, look through the window for a full minute and write about what you’ve seen. I had no time to stand and stare today.  A five period day. In three rooms. Doesn’t sound difficult until you realise you go d10, e6, d10, e6. Meeting over the otherside instead of d3 for last lesson. I rack up nearly 10,000 steps on this day, without trying. If I get a coffee, happy days. If I get lunch – bonus. I got coffee – two. No lunch. Long story – it involved a binbag and diesel.

Still, I did get adult conversation and marked some books. In my world we class that as a win.

But given that, the only window I looked out for longer than 15 seconds was the one in my office which looks out onto a classroom – not an appropriate contemplation for a blog, as teaching comrades will affirm; I was stuck. I envisaged having to make this one up. Go off piste. Talk about my love of Playaway as a kid – or something equally naff. Then suddenly,   at the top of the bridge, that magical moment in a hectic day. I actually had time to  form a thought (as one of the characters in Schindler’s list says. Not only that… I stood and watched the sunset over the river and the pond which lies behind it.  I say pond, it’s probably an oxbow lake. One day I’ll have a look.

And frabjous day, kalloo kalay….


Just look at the colours. Look at  the reflection of the tree in the water. Regard the swans and geese turned black by the setting sun.  Enjoy the blurpleyorange and the blues. All sublime. All through the window of my eyes.