Of White Rabbits and Earworms

That’s been me this year, rushing here. Rushing there. I had such high hopes for successfully doing the post a day challenge. Yet here I am, over half way through the year and I haven’t posted since February.

Still it’s been a busy 5 months. Second book with the publisher, third book underway. Boat life going well and the earworm driving me mental. I’m in the process of putting all the tracks the earworm picks onto a DEEZER playlist. Not sure it will achieve anything, but it’s a record of the madness – if nothing else. Of course, there’s no accounting for my earworm’s taste in music – nor its whimsical changing of lyrics.  I’m not quite sure why it changed Adam Ant’s “Even though you fool yourself, your conscience will be mine”  into “Even though you fool yourself, your trumpet will be mine”. But it’s  stuck. Cheers Earworm.