Weeding Anniversary 2020

Before I continue with today’s post, I have a sadness to relate. Having finished my post yesterday, I bounded over to one of my favourite bloggers. Colonialist’s blog has been a guilty pleasure for more years than I care to recall. But with my malaise of writing came a dearth of reading and I had not dropped by to sit on the sidelines of his world since Christmas. It came, therefore, as something of a shock to read of his death at the end of last month. A little light went out of my day.

Last night, OH and I raised a glass to Colonialist. And thanked him for the happy times. Until we “meet” again, happy blogging in the sky my friend.

And so to today’s ramblings.

12 years ago OH and I tied the knot, and in the intervening years, we’ve always tried to do something special, something memorable. Like a night in one of our favourite places, a meal out. That sort of thing. This year of course, such adventures are not to be. Even the EA (environment agency) has told us to stay put in the marina. But still we wanted to do something different. Something we could look back on and say, we did that on our 12th “weeding” anniversary.

Living on a boat requires forward planning as storage space is of a premium. We can’t stock pile because there’s no room. The only thing we keep in abundance is a well stocked freezer. Oh and beer. We try and keep half a tank of diesel. But what with the storms, leaving home to get this was not a priority and so we have dropped to the quarter mark. Not ideal.

So we decided back in February that April is our month to buy diesel. Red: for the occasional night when it’s too warm to light a fire and too cold for a jumper.

Then came the apocalypse as we having been calling these times (ever since the stockpiling of toilet rolls and pasta, you understand!)

Our usual supplier is closed for the duration, so we have to source regular diesel. And there in is the fun. You can only buy 20 litres at a time from a forecourt. You can only go out for essential supplies. Option 1) 1 daily trip for 4 days or Option 2) 1 trip 4 petrol stations. We went with Option 2. Fortunately, this will now mean that we can do the 20 litre option when we top up the van on the next essential shop in about a fortnight. And with the price of white diesel low during the apocalypse, it’s a bit more expensive than normal but not enough to break the bank.

Fortunately, this trip also allowed us to source size D batteries for the water heater (more of which later) and two bags of coal, to take us through until the coal merchant comes out of self isolation

We do indeed live in interesting times where resourcefulness is a premium

Stay safe, dear reader. Until the next time.