Apr 09

William Melville Returns

Currently sitting in the inbox, or possibly now on the desktop of my poor publisher, is a copy of Symington Byrd’s third adventure. Set during Byrd’s sojourn in Fournier Street, its a tale of revenge. However, more importantly it sees the return of one of the historical figures from my time travel trilogy: William Melville. He’s been lurking around the edges of the two books, but when my publisher hinted it was time for Byrd to have a nemesis, this wiley Irishman from County Kerry slid onto the stage.

Those of you who’ve read book 1 of Aldwych Strand, know that he’s a man of daring do. Well he would be, especially as he’s credited with being   the inspiration for James Bond.

But, of course, he has to be a master of manipulation as well as a hands on kind of spy. His real ife counterpart allegedly created our modern espionage organisation; so he mustn’t come across as someone too easily thwarted or not as bright as my hero. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a believeable relationship.

Not one for spoilers, what I will say is that it’s been really interesting to see him spar with Byrd and his entourage. They circle each other warily, each side knowing the wrong move can prove deadly. They are all used to serving their country. They understand the importance of rules and when to ignore them.

How Melville deals with Emily and her uncle, I shall leave you to discover when the book – that I’ve spent the last year thinking of as The Case of the Shady Solicitor – hits the shelves later this year.

Until then, and your verdict dear reader, I must say it’s good to have him back and as he’s hanging around for the next one, I shall be intrigued what he gets up to…