Apr 10

Good Friday

It’s a bright sunny day on the marina. Birds are doing their thing and without the dirt track racing, a usual accompaniment to a weekend, these birds are loud. The sky is blue; faint wispy clouds prevent there being enough for a pair of sailor’s trousers. But it is a welcome sight. The marina is quiet. For a while we were inundated with people using the area as part of their daily walk, despite not being residents but that has calmed. Today there’s abit of gardening going on, washing is  drying on the line. And people are moving essential supplies from the carpark to their home, either by tender, or wheelbarrow or shank’s poney . Some people are cleaning their boats and crouch covers. Others are touching up their paint work. Unlike a town, by water, by the width and length of our vessels,we are naturally socially distanced.


This week, while I have written, OH and our boat mate Scottish John, have been doing the things you will do when you purchase a round tooit. We don’t have one of those but we do have time on our hands.

So, OH has been working on the gas water heater and John has battled our bullrushes. Clearing last year’s dead wood out, for the new rushes to come through. Putting down the ‘down’ so even more will grow. And while some may decry our actions, for bullrushes are an invasive beast, their presence ensures our part of the bank does not erode.

There is still a bit to do, but where we have cleared there is, as you can see, definite signs of life.

And so to a tour of our lockdown world this year. We had plans to add some more plants to our middle bed. It was overrun with stocks and wallflowers, and other nameless growing things, and taking them out left quite a bit of a gap. But the apocalypse put pay to these plans, so we put down some bark to mulch into the soil and improve the drainage.
Hopefully though the honesty and the sweet peas that struggled for room last year will fill the gap.

Of an evening we are lucky in that we can sit out with a glass and enjoy the scenery in the Narnia part of the garden and watch the world go by, a safe 6 foot from the path and well away from where our neighbours sit and do their relaxing.
We will do that tonight and reflect on the achievements of the day, glad we are in lockdown in a beautiful part of the world.